Light manufacturing

Light manufacturing is a diverse sector, but hearing loss in workers is an issue right across the board.

Workers with wood, using power tools, hammering metals, using paints and solvents are all at risk of hearing loss or other ear and hearing based illnesses.


Workers tend to take their hearing for granted, until it disappears.

Workers with hearing loss are less productive, cannot be employed where their hearing loss affects their productivity and/or safety, are prone to mishear instructions, become socially isolated, and have a higher risk of acquiring mental illness and depression.

Protect your workers and yourself

Whether you are a worker, a supervisor, a manager or a small business owner you owe it to the people relying on you as well as yourself to ensure your hearing is properly protected at all times, both inside and outside the workplace.

A simple hearing test delivered in the workplace every two years should be part of every business’s workplace health and safety program. Hearing Link Tasmania delivers high quality testing and industry leading reporting at a reasonable cost. Testing is usually done at your workplace before the working day starts, so you don’t have to worry about any down time. We will remain available at any time to offer advice, assistance or referrals on hearing or noise issues that will help your small business remain safe and viable.

Find out more about protecting workers from hearing loss in the light manufacturing sector

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