Workplace modifications

If you or one of your staff has hearing loss that affects participation, efficiency or safety in the workplace, Hearing Link Tasmania is able to provide an on-site workplace assessment.

JobAccess - help and workplace solutions for the employment of people with disability

JobAccess – help and workplace solutions for the employment of people with disability

We will provide recommendations of any changes needed in the work environment, appropriate assistive technology and installation.

We have gained experience in a wide range of workplaces including heavy industry, manufacturing industries, call centres, child care centres and the transport industry.

The Employment Assistance Fund is a federally-funded program that provides financial assistance for workplace modifications and changes for deaf and hard of hearing employees. For more information about the fund’s eligibility criteria and guidelines, please click here.

Telephone In Line Amplifier

Telephone In Line Amplifier

An example of an assistive device that is often utilised by deaf and hard of hearing workers, particularly in administration roles or in the customer service industry, is the Telephone In Line Amplifier.

The Ameriphone HA40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier allows you to increase volume and adjust tone on your phone. The device simply connects between the hand piece and base of the phone. This is an ideal solution for employees who need assistance to hear on the phone accurately and is compatible with analogue and digital phones.


For full details about the Employment Assistance Fund, including what supports and devices are available for workers with a hearing loss and how your workplace can apply, please contact us at Hearing Link Tasmania today.