Public venue hearing systems

There is great technology support for hearing in public spaces. Depending on the size, location and complexity of the space or venue, installation of these systems may require using our specialised expertise. Hearing Link Tasmania has access to the top professionals in this field to ensure your investment is fully realised.

In general these systems include induction loops, FM systems and infra red systems as well as the latest soundfield systems.

Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loops are useful for people who use hearing aids that have the T-switch activated. They are available for domestic and public use. See our Audio Loop systems fact sheet for more information or contact us today to speak with one our technology consultants.

Counter Loops

Any venue with a customer service or reception counter will benefit from the installation of a counter Loop.

Counter loops are ideal in locations where glass dividers are used or background noise is a concern. Not only will a loop benefit the customer, it will improve your ability to communicate more quietly and professionally with them.

Shuttle Sound Counter Loop

Sound Shuttle Counter Loop

Sound Shuttle Counter Loop

Hearing Link Tasmania currently stocks the Shuttle Sound Counter Loop (pictured left). The Sound Shuttle is a portable hearing loop suited to use on reception/service counters or on tables in consulting rooms.  Sound Shuttle is a completely self-contained hearing loop which comes with an in built microphone and loop. Multiple “Shuttles” can be used in close proximity as the field is localised.

This hearing loop allows any facility to improve access and communications with hard of hearing members of the community.

For more information about counter loops, please contact us.

Wireless FM Systems

Wireless FM systems provide the most flexible and reliable system for public areas. They can assist in numerous situations and are often used in educational and the workplace settings such as for meetings and conferences. They consist of a transmitter/microphone that picks up the desired sound and a receiver that you wear to hear the signal from the microphone/transmitter. They can be used by people who use hearing aids as well as those who do not.

LS-06 7 Person Portable FM System

LS-06 7 Person Portable FM System

LS-06 7 Person Portable FM System

The LS-06 7-Person Tour Group System is a great starting point for organisations that wish to ensure their visitors understand every word.

This system is ideal for indoor or outdoor tours of any venue, for example museums, government buildings, houses of worship, tour companies, zoos and board rooms.

The 7-Person System includes a Portable Transmitter and microphone, display receivers with ear speakers, batteries and a carrying case.

You can also add any number of receivers to a single transmitter if you need to accommodate more guests.

This system can also be used with the LA-166 Inductive Neckloop, suitable for hearing aid users with telecoil.

Contact us today to customise a solution for you.

Infra Red Systems

These systems are often installed in cinemas. These systems require specialised information and installation.

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