Hearing on the phone

Being able to hear clearly over the telephone is one of those abilities we take for granted.

However when people experience hearing loss, having a conversation over the telephone can be extremely difficult or even impossible.

There are a number of solutions available which will allow even the most seriously hearing affected people to use telephone services.


Hearing on the landline phone at home

Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

Telstra Disability Equipment Program

Telstra Disability Equipment Program

If you can hear conversations over the telephone, but struggle to pick up all the details, Telstra has a range of Hearing Assist telephones though their Disability Equipment program. Normal telephones won’t carry sound greater than 10Db, bur Hearing Assist phones can transmit at up to 30dB.

Additionally Telstra also carries a range of devices that can help you hear when the phone is ringing. Cost for these phones and devices is covered as part of the line rental charge.

To have a look at the Telstra Disability Equipment program booklet, click here or contact us today for more information.

If your telephone service is delivered through another carrier, you may have to look at purchasing a Hearing Assist telephone through either Oricom or Uniden. Prices start at around $80.00.

Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

National Relay Service

National Relay Service

If your hearing loss has developed to the point where you cannot hear a conversation even with a Hearing Assist phone, you might consider using the National Relay Service. The National Relay Service is an Australian Government initiative which is funded by a levy on the telephone companies. Users of the National Relay Service make and receive their calls using a teletypewriter (TTY) or through the internet.

For more information about the National Relay Service, including fact sheets and video demonstrations, you can check out the National Relay Service website here.

Hearing on your mobile phone

Hearing on your mobile phone can be difficult for a person experiencing hearing loss. However there are devices now available that are designed to be improve the clarity of sound from your mobile phone by utilising the ‘t’ or ‘telecoil’ program on a person’s hearing aids. These devices eliminate background noise and potential interference which mobile phones often cause with hearing aids.

Nokia LPS-5

Nokia LPS 5

Nokia LPS 5

Nokia Wireless Loopset LPS-5 connects to your T-coil-equipped hearing aid and offers excellent audio quality for all your handsfree calls. Enjoy clear two-way communication in different environments – this loopset provides noise-free audio and helps brings clarity to every word.

The LPS-5 works with any mobile phone that has blue-tooth connectivity. This compact loopset fits comfortably and securely around your neck and is made from hard wearing materials that are built to last. The user-friendly interface puts you in control while the vibrating alert helps you keep track of all your incoming calls.


  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Enables the filtering of background noise
  • Vibrating alert
  • One multifunctional button for call handling
  • Wide compatibility
  • Fast charging

Price (AUD): $299.00 + $10 freight charge.

To purchase the Nokia LPS-5 at our online shop, click here or contact us today for more information or to arrange a demonstration and trial.