Hearing & Work: Industry Compliance


Is your industry noisy?

Do you want to improve productivity and ensure your staff are safe, aware and healthy?

Protecting Hearing at Work

Protecting Hearing at Work

Between 28 and 32% of Australian employees
work in an environment where they are exposed to loud noise.

Hearing loss costs Australian industry billions of dollars each year due to industrial accidents, workers compensation, misheard instructions and low worker morale caused by loss of hearing.

Australian industry bodies are taking an active role in ensuring workers can hear warning signals, can understand directions and conversations and protect the hearing health of their workers.

Your business can do this too.

Many businesses have no idea of how much noise is generated in their work areas, yet finding out is inexpensive and can be done very quickly.

If a workplace is found to have noise levels exceeding 85dB then steps must be taken to ensure the hearing safety of workers.

We can assist you to put these measures in place. And if workers have hearing loss, there is support and assistance available to ensure they can remain in their jobs and be safe, aware and productive.

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