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Inclusive Communication Programs for Schools

                                At Hearing Link Tasmania, we are committed to supporting students with special communication needs at all stages along their educational journeys.

In any classroom or lecture hall, it’s the communication of ideas and information that leads to the learning, participation and growth of students. But what if the messages and information conveyed by teachers or classmates cannot be easily accessed or understood by some students, for example students who experience hearing loss, autism, a speech impairment or any type of communication barrier? And how can educators ensure that these students are encouraged to actively participate in learning processes at their school, university or TAFE institution, that all students feel comfortable to express themselves during learning activities using the communication tools available to them?

Creating a learning environment within an inclusive communication framework is fundamental to ensuring that all students can achieve their educational goals.

At the heart of the inclusive communication framework is the understanding that communication is a rich, multi-modal process and that effective educators communicate with their students in open and differentiated ways.

One important area of high need in education settings today is young children who have communication difficulties because of hearing loss. Despite its prevalence in classrooms, there continues to be a gap in general awareness about how this issue affects student learning at all levels. Communication approaches that are commonly used by educators are often inappropriate when used with these students. We’re also aware of the epidemic of hearing loss in indigenous communities both here and overseas and the impacts that it has on participation in community and school life.

Hearing Link Tasmania is in a unique position to develop and implement pertinent programs for educational settings, from early childhood through to the tertiary level. We provide education programs, consultations and hands on resources.

Currently we offer…

Pre-School Programs:

  • Specialised playgroups for children with communication needs and hearing loss and their families
  • One to one support to enhance communication between children and their parent/carer or teacher

Primary School Years:

  • We are developing practical, informative and targeted programs and materials for use in the classroom
  • The following modules will soon be available as training packages in schools Australia-wide

Module 1: Recognising hearing loss in the classroom

Module 2: The behavioural impacts of hearing loss in the classroom

Module 3: How to work optimally with children who have hearing loss

Module 4: Communication support for children diagnosed with autism

Secondary Youth:

  • Our Test and Protect Education Program is a comprehensive education program aimed at teenage students
  • “Listen Up” is a presentation suitable for large groups of secondary school children

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