Heavy Industry

Great strides have been taken in recent times to improve the safety and productivity of workers in heavy industry.


It was once commonly accepted that ‘going deaf was just part of the job’.
But those days are long gone.
Nowadays, hearing protection for workers in heavy industry is commonplace, or as they say, ‘just part of the job’.



A key concern of employers in heavy industry is the protection of workers’ hearing.

In the past workers involved in  manufacturing have been exposed to high levels of noise and as a result many mature aged workers have high levels of hearing loss.

Employers now are very aware that their workers’ health and safety are matters which require a lot of consideration so that productivity can be maintained.

There are also legal ramifications that make this a high priority for employers of businesses across the heavy industry sector. So, it’s no longer a question of should my workplace be proactive about this? It’s a requirement under the law.

Avoid hazards or lost productivity

In medium to large businesses it is quite often difficult to spot a worker who is unable to hear well until they are involved in a workplace safety incident because they didn’t understand the instructions correctly or they’re caught standing behind a reversing forklift despite the warning ‘beeper’.

Avoiding these hazards is a must. And thankfully, it’s a simple process when you have experts to assist you. That’s where Hearing Link Tasmania’s team comes in.

We’re here to give you the necessary information and expert advice to meet your workplace safety requirements, whatever your business is in the heavy industry sector.

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