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Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity.

Here at Hearing Link Tasmania we can offer you a range of noise management services.


Noise level testing in your workplace and management of potential noise hazards will improve the safety and functionality outcomes of your workplace/s and also ensure national legislative compliance.

Our experienced and qualified practitioners offer a comprehensive set of options for management of noise in your workplace.

Hearing Link Tasmania has three qualified industrial screening audiometrists who conduct industrial baseline and monitoring screening according to Aus/NZS 1269.0 1998 Standards.

We provide detailed onsite assessments that let you know:

– who is at risk of losing their hearing;

– what is causing that risk; and

– what needs to be fixed.

Complete workplace risk assessments

Hearing Link Tasmania is available to conduct full workplace risk assessments of your noisy work areas. Sometimes erecting a simple shield or placing extra sound deadening materials can reduce the effects of workplace noise on your workers.

Hearing Link Tasmania is able to research and recommend low cost solutions to what may seem to be complex problems. This can include an assessment of noise sources and the level of personal exposure for comparison with exposure standards as outlined in Workplace Health and Safety Legislation 1998.

Noise testing

Not sure how noisy your workplace is? Sometimes a machine on its own may seem quiet enough for the area to be safe for workers. However, during peak usage times when a number of activities are in operation, the noise generated may harm your workers’ health, safety and productivity.

Hearing Link Tasmania can provide noise testing at a reasonable cost and reporting that meets or exceeds all current workplace safety requirements. A component of the noise testing reporting will be the determination of the requirement for noise control, including audiometric testing.

Audiometric testing & monitoring

Hearing Link Tasmania conducts individual audiometric testing for workers either on site or in one of our offices. Audiometric testing involves a one-to-one consultation with each worker that takes approximately 15 minutes. During this consultation, a baseline audiometric screening is conducted and recorded.

With every hearing test workers are questioned about their noise exposure, both within and outside of the workplace and their hearing health issues, past and present. All workers are also given a physical ear inspection to check wax build up levels which could affect the test.

If required, Hearing Link Tasmania will provide recommendations of suitable personal protective equipment for workers according to their exposure to noise levels. Our audiometrist staff will also carry out personal fit testing of disposable/semi-disposable plugs or ear muffs.

With hearing testing required every two years, all records of tests are maintained at our Hearing Link Tasmania offices. Previous tests are referred to each two years to monitor whether there have been any hearing issues that may require further investigation.

Reporting and record keeping

Following the workplace noise assessments and hearing screenings for workers, the employer will receive a full report from Hearing Link Tasmania detailing all results and measures taken.

The written report includes the outline of the noise control advice given (hierarchy of control eg. engineering, job rotation etc) and individual workers’ audiometric testing results and personal protective equipment recommendations.

All hearing test and noise test reports are retained for future reference in a secure database. All noise and hearing reporting meets or exceeds current industry requirements.

Noise education programs

Employers often say to us “It’s all very well to do this testing and to give them hearing protectors, but most of the time the workers can’t be bothered using them”.

If this is the case with your workers, maybe the problem is that your workers don’t understand that it is in their own interests to look after their hearing. Education is part of the Aus/NZS Standards relating to hearing loss prevention management.

Hearing Link Tasmania has a 30 minute training session which we can deliver in a crib room or meeting room that should resolve your workers’ hearing protection compliance issues.

If your workplace provides ear plugs, quite often employees don’t understand the technique for fitting ear plugs properly. We can provide training for fitting ear plugs as part of our noise education course.

Following our noise education session we expect that participants will:

  1. Have increased awareness about the impact of hearing loss and hence the importance of hearing protection measures
  2. Encourage all employees to wear provided hearing protection (ear muffs/ear plugs) when working within an area marked as an ear protection zone
  3. Be able to assess possible unsafe noise areas
  4. Understand the importance of caring for equipment provided
  5. Be able to respond to any reported equipment defects
  6. Know the processes to follow if hearing loss is suspected
  7. Understand the legal obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety legislation and standards relating to noise in the workplace.
Help for hard of hearing staff programs

If your workplace has staff whose productivity and safety might be affected by hearing loss, Hearing Link Tasmania can conduct a full workplace assessment and arrange technology which would allow the worker to be safe, productive and using their skills for longer. The Federal Government has funding available to assist workers at risk of being demoted or losing their jobs because of a disability and this includes workplace modifications made to help them retain their jobs, such as assistive listening devices and visual alerting systems.

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