You & Your Hearing

Do you struggle to hear the world around you?

Do you often think people are mumbling?

Do you sometimes decide to have a quiet night in, rather than a fun night out, because you can’t hear conversations in restaurants or noisy venues?

Are you always saying, “Pardon?” because you’re missing what people are saying?

Do you favour one ear when talking on the phone?

If some of these problems sound familiar, you probably have a form of hearing loss.

For some people, hearing loss has a big impact on their lives. It can affect how you communicate with others, your relationships with people who are important to you such as your grandchildren, and your enjoyment of social activities. For others, hearing loss may be a problem at work but not all the time.

Whether hearing loss impacts on you every day and in all things or just every now and then, there are lots of ways that we can be of benefit to you and your hearing.

Hearing Link Tasmania is a one-stop-shop for hearing loss support in Tasmania. Contact us or drop in any time on weekdays between 9am – 5pm for advice, to ask a few questions, for a free consultation with our audiometrist staff or to check out our range of assistive listening technologies.

Alternatively, you can browse our website categories on the left side of the screen that relate to you and your hearing.