Co-operative Toyota Hearing tests During August/September 2013, Hearing Link staff conducted 40 industry standard hearing tests for staff at Co-operative Motors in Argyle Street, Hobart. The tests were conducted over 4 days with all staff receiving  comprehensive  questioning about their hearing and noise history and experience an ear canal examination, before receiving a full industry.. read more →

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ear wax

Ear wax, also called cerumen, is something that we all have. As part of many hearing screening consultations, we’re often asked about ear wax management so we decided to write about it, its amazing properties and give you some background and anatomy of a typical ear canal. The human ear canal is the only skin-lined.. read more →

The ‘pea’ and the ‘tea’: The story of Thelma and Fred

For Seniors Week 2012, Hearing Link Tasmania provided two days of hearing screenings and individualised information sessions for senior Tasmanians. Our screening audiometrists were busy on each of the days and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet, screen and, if needed, refer people for extra care. Seniors Week is organised by COTA TAS each year.. read more →

Launch of our new website

Our new website is launched and we are hoping that it provides a fresh look, a positive message and is informative and easy to navigate. Have a browse and see all the areas that our dedicated Hearing Link Tasmania staff cover and our new fields of development. To start browsing, check out the homepage of.. read more →

Have you checked out Hearing Link Tasmania’s newsletter, Decibel?

We think it’s worth a look! Information about the latest captioned theatre shows in Tasmania, personal stories about hearing loss, a moving account of how Deaf and hard of hearing people in developing countries are being assisted to hear… these are just a few of the articles in the latest edition of Decibel. To have.. read more →

Keep the Music Campaign at Hearing Link Tasmania

Hearing Link Tasmania recently launched its new community education campaign,  ‘Keep the Music’, which is aimed at creating awareness of hearing safety for patrons of live music venues and nightclubs in Hobart and Launceston. Ear bud stations were set up in the participating venues, together with information kits made up of posters and flyers. The.. read more →